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Accomodating gender equity

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He also directed the Labor Department to adopt rules requiring federal contractors to provide compensation data based on sex and race.“Pay secrecy fosters discrimination, and we should not tolerate it, not in federal contracting or anywhere else,” Obama said at the signing.These fears seem legitimate since there is evidence that LTC staff perceive same-gender sexual behaviors more negatively than heterosexual behaviors (Hinrichs & Vacha-Haase, 2010).In fact, according to Hollibaugh (2011) some LTC staff believed “…that LGBTQ elders were sexually volatile and promiscuous, and might create an atmosphere of sexual perusal…” (p. However, the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act included provisions that all residents be treated with dignity and respect (Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund [LLDEF], 2011).

As visionary leaders open to change, new ideas, and global perspectives, ACRL is committed to diversity of people and ideas, as noted in its 2007 White Papers.Diversity is an essential component of any civil society.It is more than a moral imperative; it is a global necessity.Then, we suggest approaches for changing the culture of LTC to one in which LGBTQ elders feel safe and valued, and conclude by considering how facility leaders are in a unique position to enable LGBTQ elders to flourish in what may be their last home. Of specific concern are reports that LGBTQ elders relate a number of fears pertaining to the possibility of living in LTC facilities.These fears include potential rejection or neglect by healthcare providers, lack of acceptance and respect by fellow residents, and the feeling that it is necessary to hide their sexual orientation or ‘return to the closet’ once admitted to a LTC facility (Stein, Beckerman, & Sherman, 2010).To understand why this really outrages women and enlightened men, have a look at the depth of the problem here.