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While we by no means are trying to downplay what a colossal innovation they were, if you're like us, you've probably grown a bit tired of the tube sites as of late.

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The data for Chatterbox was compiled by the Internet Adult Film Database.At a show emceed by Professor Irwin Corey, Virginia sings in public for the first time, becoming a star after crooning a disco tune.Virginia increasingly becomes the tail that wags the dog, with Penelope becoming increasingly unhappy as "they" become a successful act on a cross-country tour. The Los Angeles Times said "the film's vulgar premise smacks of smirking adolescents, it's crude one liners, full of foul language that unsuccessfully try to stretch to into a full-length movie... The movie stars Candice Rialson as Penelope, a hairdresser who discovers her vagina has the power of speech after it derisively comments on a lover's performance.Penelope's talking vagina has a mind of its own, which includes a desire to sing.A trio of naive, but eager young Midwestern women go to California to teach summer school classes at Regency High School: Perky and willful Conklin T.