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Possessive and controlling behaviors don’t always appear overnight, but rather emerge and intensify as the relationship grows.

If you’re beginning to feel as if your partner or a loved one’s partner is becoming abusive, there are a few behaviors that you can look out for.

ELIZABETH -- Five female teachers at an Elizabeth elementary school have filed a lawsuit accusing a former principal of sexually harassing them and retaliating against them when they rebuffed his advances.

The women allege Carlos Lucio, the principal of Dr. 27 from 2008 to 2015, kissed or attempted to kiss them and repeatedly sent them inappropriate and unwelcome text messages, among other advances, according to the lawsuit filed in May.

(See it below.) Lucio also gave one of the teachers unwelcome massages while she worked at her desk and pulled another teacher's hair, the lawsuit says.

When the women displayed a lack of interest, Lucio would make unannounced visits to their classrooms, watch them through windows in their classroom doors "in an intimidating manner," and institute improvement plans against them, among other retaliatory acts, according to the lawsuit.

The women also name the Elizabeth Board of Education as a defendant and argue its members knew or should have known about the alleged sexual harassment and that they did nothing to stop it.

In fact, many abusers may seem absolutely perfect on the surface — as if they are the dream partner — in the early stages of a relationship.In social science and politics, power is the ability to influence or outright control the behavior of people.The term "authority" is often used for power perceived as legitimate by the social structure."I think the key is I use to be with Fox, I use to be with Fox," Palin said, repeating herself."Corporate culture needs to change, " she continued.The use of power need not involve force or the threat of force (coercion).