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Are rachel mcadams and ryan gosling dating again

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), Gosling and Mc Adams' split was fueled in part by Mc Adams not being ready to have children.

The pair portrayed a couple in love in the 2004 romantic movie and although they went on to date in real life, they didn't bond during filming.

All of a sudden something changed betwenn Ryan and Rachel, it might be because of the story plot where they fight a lot and get along again.

No one knows that, but the good thing is that they were together and the move went more smoothlly than everyone expected.

Still, without elaborating too much, Gosling did hint to was one of the most popular movies of 2004.

So, naturally, when fans found out that the stars of their favorite movie were dating in real life, they went nuts with joy.

Ryan, 27, and Rachel, 31, went on a date at Grace restaurant on College Street in Toronto, Canada around 10PM on Monday night.

The couple walked in A few weeks ago, Ryan and Rachel were photographed together after he deejayed at the Green Door lounge in Hollywood. 10 pictures inside of old school Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams…

Rachel Mc Adams and Michael Sheen, 44, split after two years of dating in late February.

Since then, Rachel’s reportedly leaning on her ex Ryan Gosling to help her get though this difficult time, however, it’s allegedly causing a bit of a problem with Eva Mendes.

“Rachel’s always kept in touch with Ryan, but now that she’s split with Michael, she’s been calling him and using him as a shoulder to cry on.