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Despite a succession of Hollywood blockbusters, including the two most recent James Bond movies, Naomie Harris has no interest in the glamour of the red carpet – she’d rather spend her time out of the limelight in a flotation tank Make-up free, and with her hair pulled back, Naomie Harris draws admiring glances as she walks towards the table where we’re unexpectedly having lunch alfresco, thanks to last month’s heatwave.

Accompanied by her mum, Carmen (who looks more like her sister), she greets me like an old friend and, being typically English, we immediately start discussing the virtues of the great British weather.

To date the most popular and most read post on this blog has been the special edition entry titled Influential White Men Who Aren't Afraid To Date And/Or Marry Black Women. I also remember a performance Janet did at the MTV awards show of the song "Doesn't Really Matter". The pair went public last weekend at a Miami Beach birthday party for rapper Missy Elliott, where Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire were among the celeb guests. No comment on the matchup from a rep for Timberlake, who split from Britney Spears in March and is busy making his solo album. Justin Timberlake and Nsync honored Janet at MTV's ICON Show: Prince Charles' Mother, Queen Elizabeth ll has a 2nd cousin named Hon.

Pretty much all the "BW/WM interracial" entries on this blog are wildly popular. *Taking a sip of tea* Not throwing shade just pointing out the obvious. Right after that performance, the camera panned to Justin Timberlake and he and Janet exchanged looks. James Edward Lascelles who is married to Joy Elias-Rilwan. [Check the blog archives under black royalty for additional details.] Prince Maximillian of Leichenstein & Princess Angela This royal couple has been married since 2000, and have a little prince. The Late Pearl Bailey & Musician hubby Louis Bellson Pearl Bailey's Brother In Law Henry Bellson also married a Black Woman.

Harris was born on 6 September 1976 in Islington, London, where she was raised.

Harris' mother, Lisselle Kayla, came to London as a child with her parents from Jamaica, and her father came there from Trinidad.

‘It’s all about sensory deprivation and works a treat.Evans has not been shy about sharing his stance on certain issues.He has spoken out for gun control and voiced his opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline and Donald Trump’s immigration policies.‘I grew up to believe anything was possible if you worked hard enough,’ she says.‘Mum has always had a very strong work ethic; she’s penned a prime-time BBC1 sitcom [Us Girls] and worked a 10-year stint as a core writer for East Enders, among many other projects, so I’ve always known I had to work if I wanted to be independent.’ She continues: ‘I went to school in Finsbury Park and was always top of my class, but by the end of my GCSEs, I was ready to go into acting full-time.I go straight there from the airport, but my dream is to have my own tank at home. ’ Carmen’s tried it too but can’t attest to its success in quite the same way. ‘She was screaming, “I don’t like it, I don’t like it,” but half an hour later people had to bang on the door because she’d fallen asleep! ’ Carmen and Naomie often come as a pair and live on the same street. ‘There’s not much I wouldn’t pass by mum first – and I have a lot to be thankful to her for.’ Naomie’s father left the family home before she was born, so it was down to Carmen to raise her daughter alone.