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Custom membershipprovider onvalidatingpassword

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The available formats are the following: method returns an IQueryable result set of all users.

When querying the result using LINQ, it takes place in the memory, causing a performance hit.

As MSDN states there are two reasons why one would want a custom Membersip Provider: class as well.

For example this custom membership provider uses LINQ-to-SQL and my own tables in MS SQL Server to store and retrieve membership information in my database. The only reason it is this long is because it is supposed to serve as an example and it could be a good example for refactoring.

This interface exposes a single method - Execute(Query Args args).

NET Membership and Role Providers for Mongo DB Motivation: This project was originally part of the Mongo WSAT project but was split out so that users of Mongo WSAT don't have to include the Mongo Provider and Mongo Provider. This also prevents issues regarding the licensing (see below). The reason the rest of this project can remain non-GPL'd is due to the FOSS exception as described here: Dependencies: All dependencies are included but you may wish to refresh with Nu Get to get the latest versions.

Mongo WSAT https://github.com/alanning/Mongo WSAT Running Unit Tests: Install the Visual NUnit plugin for VS2010 to run the unit tests. Mongo DB CSharp Driver - Language Center Fluent Mongo - https://github.com/craiggwilson/fluent-mongo NUnit (for Mongo Provider Unit Tests) - Nu Get References: Many projects were referenced when making this but here are some of the most relevant: SQL Membership, Role, Profile Provider Source Code Toolkit SQLite Membership, Role, Profile Providers Custom Membership Provider (MSDN) Member (V Slavin) https://github.com/nakedslavin/Mongo DB-Membership-Provider--ASP.

The name of the protected virtual method should be the same as the event name prefixed with On.

So, add the following line to This way you are telling the application which provider to use and initialize its members with default values.

In order for this to work you need to tell the web application that we are going to use a custom membership provider.

Thus, you benefit from: So, how do you fetch filtered, ordered, and paged data from your custom membership provider?

With Sitefinity version 8.0, you can configure custom membership providers to support such funcionality by using the IBasic Query Executor interface.