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Carbon dating is somewhat accurate because we are able to determine what the ratio was in the unobservable past to a certain extent.
A newly engaged bride dreamed of her wedding day with her late mother for her entire life, and is looking forward to planning every perfect detail to honor her mom's memory. See full summary » When Mira's April Fool's Day tricks materialize, she finds herself promoted to the perfect job, dating the perfect man and living in the perfect home. See full summary » A badly injured leg forces hunky fireman Jeff, who lost his father in a fire as a young boy, to rent a ground floor room during his recovery. See full summary » A boy and a girl fall in love during summer camp and promise to stay in touch, but they don't.

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We all know the types: the ladies’ man, the mama’s boy, the commitaphobe, and the nice guy who just wants to be friends (to name a few).

But sometimes a guy can be emotionally immature, even when he may very mature on the outside.The problem is that they often end up in relationships anyway and hurt good women as a result of their childishness. Avoid guys who exhibit these signs: Acting like a f*ckboy.If you notice a guy acting like a f*ckboy, it’s a clear sign that he is one.Never had a meaningful relationship When talking to you about past relationships, he may never mention a long-term one.Instead, he may just talk about one-night stands or a one that just lasted for a month.Communication will not be on his list of skills, he would rather make a joke of things and move on to a lighter topic quickly. He’s never had a proper girlfriend before Next one of obvious signs of an immature man is that he probably never stayed in a meaningful relationship before in his life.