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what I personally find so interesting about SL is that it is at once possibly one of the most advanced things on the Internet today (prompting people to start calling it Web 3.0) and yet the whole concept is basically a tarted up version of the real early days of the Internet where anonymity was king and everywhere was full of sci-fi and fantasy freaks with too much time on their hands.I must admit that being on there gave me the same sense of wonder I got when I was 16 and tried chat for the first time.After months of people talking about it in conferences, etc. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a virtual online world where you can go around in the form of an avatar and interact with other people from all over the world.That was a very, very simplified explanation, I’m sure the site itself can tell you a lot more.“Nik” is actually Steve Sweet, 47, a mobile phone salesman from Plymouth.He, it is fair to say, looks as unlike Keanu Reeves as it is possible to be. They are avatars, online characters who were created by Kristen and Steve in Second Life, an internet fantasy world, where you can reinvent yourself and embark on the kind of adventures you’ve always dreamed of – including a WAG-style white wedding with 20ft train, and even, as we have seen today, the phenomenon of cyber-adultery.We got Jay Sumra the founder of Plz Say Yes into the office to tell us why he thinks the unusual mixtures of web profiles, virtual dating and real life are a winning combination.Why Plz Say Yes and Second Life dating is better than normal online dating 1) You get to know people better if you *do* stuff with them.

The second time I went in was with a friend, who immediately went on to discover SL Amsterdam with its virtual prostitues and drug shops, sending us on a slippery slope of virtual drugs, seedy nightlcubs ( sadly lacking in people and really quite lame, but then again, they are clubs inside a virtual world so how cool could they possibly be? We caused a bit of an awkward hush at a place I gather was some sort of adult dragon sex playground when we came in looking like humans, rather than customised human-dragon hybrids (are you beginning to get a feel for the sort of people who tend to hang out in Second Life?

Someone actually used to words “What’s with the humans?

” It was not the first time I’ve raised eyebrows at a club with an unusual choice of outfit, but it was definitely the strangest!

Why Plz Say Yes is better than just virtual romance 1) You know the people you are up for meeting up in real life.

The idea is that you start off from the Plz Say Yes site – which works like a normal dating site with pictures, info and descriptions about what people are up for.