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He said: “I don’t want to read another book written by a man about dating. “Somewhere between rocket science and common sense, this book offers men a practical game plan for successful dating, relationships, and sex.

I work with many men who struggle with relationships.

She says: “Women sometimes don’t know what to expect or do when they re-join the dating world after a break. What Women Really Want from Men helps women learn from other women what they might anticipate at different stages in the dating process.

Lots of women also have a hard time understanding where men are coming from – and how guys experience dating and relationships differently – just like men have a hard time understanding how women think and feel about dating and relationships.

After all, isn’t dating about restaurants and bars, courting and sex?

Isn’t the post-coital, locked-down phase rampant with Homeland reruns and Chinese food containers?

2014’s cool kids are more into yoga than fake eyelashes, more into meeting at Juice Press than the hottest bar.

This attitude is evident in the massive swell of collective health consciousness of the millennial generation, which vegan chef Ayinde Howell (co-author of “The Lusty Vegan”) captures perfectly in this uncommon pairing of sex manual meets foodie journal of plant based aphrodisiac recipe heaven.

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If you want more details about the book, you can read the blog post I made about it on Sunday. ebooks since Jan 1st of this year, you get a 40% discount off the retail price of .If you’d like this, you can now send me your receipt email or transaction ID to the email address [email protected] I can hook you up with the discount.If you order the ebook version, all the bonuses are sent to you automatically.YOU ONLY GET THE BONUSES IF YOU ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY, so don’t fart around.Dating in today’s world sometimes seems more complicated than ever.