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Over the next few years, starting from October 2012, all employers must by law offer a workplace pension scheme.

You, your employer and the government will pay into your pension if you’re enrolled into a workplace scheme.

So it’s pretty clear that in many workplaces — from restaurants to stock brokerages to hospitals — love is in the air.US companies are much more advanced than Australian companies in this regard.In a lot of cases, they make it mandatory to disclose an internal relationship which may be perceived as a conflict of interest.” He said that relationship disclosure should be a confidential conversation between the employees and the relevant HR person, who would then decide whether any changes needed to be made in the workplace to minimise the risk of any relationship-related problems.Your employer must: You and your employer may agree to use ‘salary sacrifice’ (sometimes known as a ‘SMART’ scheme).If you do this, you give up part of your salary and your employer pays this straight into your pension.What can companies do to prevent romantic relationships between employees?