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Dynamically updating etchosts

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Hi, I have 3G wrieless router whith every new connection the ubuntu 16.10 getting a new ip, i also have local web and mail servers, i need to update the ip of /etc/hosts in every new connection, this script was donig work for me in ubuntu 16.04 but it is no more working in ubuntu 16.10: #!/bin/bash # Get the wlp2s0 ip address and updates the /etc/hosts ip in 3ed line.My hosts file is already fifteen thousand lines long (having combined all the hosts files I could find on the net, including the MVP one); but I still, almost daily, find a new irritant to add to my /etc/hosts file.My problem is I do not understand WHEN the /etc/hosts file is next read after a change.

I should note that I searched and had found this: - How to refresh hosts file without rebooting Which suggested: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart But, that did not work.

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Read more about reopening questions editing /etc/hosts you are not "creating" a domain. Open the file from your program and use the standard faciliries for reading and writing text files.

Code:2 - Can not open file $file_To_Edit"); $lines = preg_grep(' /test.com/', $opened_File); foreach(array_keys($lines) as $key) $f = fopen($file_To_Edit, 'w') or die("Error $file_To_Edit"); fwrite($f, implode("\n", $opened_File)); fclose($f); //suppose you are in /var/www/html/website/ $currentdir=getcwd(); // it will save your current directory location chdir('../../../../etc/'); // it will change your web directory( /var/www/html/website/) to etc directory (/etc/) $file='hosts'; $current=file_get_contents($file); $string_Data = 'It works success!!

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