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Mixing synth-driven retro pop with up-to-date indie rock, Emily Haines, James ‘Jimmy’ Shaw, Joshua Winstead and Joules Scott-Key constantly add new shiny and powerful sounds to their musical spectrum.

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The album was originally recorded for Restless Records, but got neglected when the label was bought out by Rykodisc.

But there’s a little bit too much contention in the band about what the name of that song is. James Shaw: I was saying to Matt, our manager, earlier that it’s a weird process because you toil away in the studio on the details, like the intensity of the hi-hat, is the bass too distorted — and then the first time that anyone’s gonna hear it is on acoustic guitar, so there’s an element of it that’s like, “Oh my God, why did I even go through all that trouble? It just shows you that either it’s a song or it’s not. Emily Haines: It’s always for me when I get deep into my life that is outside of the music or even recording or writing and just living, I have moments where I’ll lie in my bed and be like, “How is it possible that as I’ve been doing this for years, I’ll still be at the front of the stage trying to get a crowd of people to go off? What are your thoughts on getting a chance to share stages with those guys?

” But then, the two things don’t have to exist in the same world. If you can’t stay there and play it, then what do you got? ” Like I’m lying in my bed thinking it can’t be done. James Shaw: They came on big right out of the gate and the first time I heard one of their songs on the radio I was like, “Aww s–t, these guys are really good.” There were a couple of little things in that song “Demons” that just as a producer, I was like, “That’s good. ” And then when the offer came it, it kind of just made so much sense.

I think it is interesting just to let it out the way that it is and then when the real song comes out later on it’ll have its own life span … But then we just get back up there and we do it every time. I think there’s almost like a weird camaraderie between the two bands already which is very different and very unusual and I just think it’s gonna be a great time.

And I realize that it’s all still very fresh for you, but any songs you’re interested in getting out there and seeing how they do live? We’re probably going to ask our fans too about what we should play.