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When I do the same in a non-places trunk browser, I see not much difference in processor behaviour.There are two or three peaks of about 30% processor usage. See how much happier browsing can be with the newest version. Firefox is an awesome line of defense — and with each upgrade, we include the latest security features to keep you as safe as possible. Firefox automatically creates backups of your bookmarks and saves the last 10 backups for safe keeping. Journey to a faster Firefox by taking your bookmarks and browsing history with you. The latest Firefox version includes improvements for memory usage — you could see up to 50% improvement. With each passing day, online tricksters get smarter and more proficient at hacking into your computer to get to your private information.Perhaps we should take this in a different direction.How about putting something in the Options menu that looks something like this: Automatically reload Live Bookmarks: [X] On Firefox startup then every [x] minutes "Let's solve our bugs by having preferences that users have no idea how to set" is pretty much the exact opposite of Firefox.

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We listened to our fans feedback and made it a priority for you.

repro: 1.download bookmarks_history.2.rename your current bookmarks_history.sqlite (profile IMPORTANT) 3bookmarks_history.sqlite from the zip into your profile 4taskmanager 5.start Firefox 6till the processorload hits 100% , this will start after about 10 seconds after the Firefox window has appeared on screen 7to do anything in Firefox result: - processorload 100% for 15-20seconds - firefox is dead and responds to nothing untill the loading has finished we had something similar during the run up to FF1.0 , but Vlad somehow solved that. coming I think the following is related but I don't know if I shall file a new bug for it. Problem: folder with loading feed closes automatically. I assume that's because the feed loads right after a restart.

Steps to reproduce: - Start Firefox with the default set of bookmarks - On the toolbar, make a new folder and drag the "Latest Headlines" feed into it - Restart the browser and click on the new folder. I can't reproduce this when I wait a minute before clicking on the new folder.

You’ll especially see these improvements if you keep Firefox open for a long time, have a lot of tabs open at once or use Firefox on Windows. Lots of folks have told us that they don’t upgrade because they can’t use their Google Toolbar in the newest versions.

That’s why we continue to make Firefox more and more stable. This means that Firefox and the websites you use will be snappier and more responsive and that Firefox is less likely to crash because of memory use.