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No matter what, I attest to that." A rep for Clint Eastwood declined to comment on the director's relationship.

Clint Eastwood is said to be on the verge of splitting from his second wife as his tangled love life takes another turn.

Clint Eastwood, one of the most senior members of the Hollywood entertainment industry today, has been contributing as an actor, director, producer and composer throughout his life.

Being in industry since 1955, Clint not only has huge fan following all around the world but also established the huge Clinton Eastwood net worth.

Rumours that there was trouble in paradise between the pair emerged earlier this year in April when Clint appeared at the Tri Be Ca Film Festival in New York City with his wedding ring noticeably absent.'Then we were attending a function out at Spanish Bay and [one of the hosts] said, “Do you mind sitting with Dina Ruiz? After a decade of marriage the couple had a trial separation but were not officially divorced until May 1984.

” We ended up holding hands and doing all that kind of nonsense and then we started dating and we’re still dating.’When asked what he was initially attracted to in her, he said: ‘Oh, I don’t know. So we got married, and we had a child.’Eastwood married his first wife Maggie Johnson in 1953, only half a year after they met on a blind date.

Eastwood has spent a considerable amount of time recently with Miss Krall and insisted her songs be included in two of his recent movies.

The Canadian pianist and vocalist is one of the hottest names in jazz and played at Sir Elton John's lavish Aids fundraiser in Britain earlier this month.

Clint Eastwood and his estranged wife Dina Eastwood may be involved in a slight case of swinging spouses.

It’s one of those things you can’t put your finger on because it’s pheromones or something.

Coming out of an 18-year-long marriage, Clint Eastwood knows commitment.

He has won numerous international awards and nominations.

Before making his successful career in the entertainment industry, Eastwood worked odd jobs as a hay bailer, logger, truck driver, and steel-furnace stoker.