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Some grocery stores (especially large ones) form the centerpiece of a larger complex that includes other facilities, such as gas stations, which will often operate under the store's name.
His articulate responses drew me in, and I breathed back nerves and adrenaline with the ocean air as we continued this perfect first date.

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Before she died the 'brilliant student' was missing lectures because of his months of 'controlling and coercive behaviour' and her weight had also plummeted to 7st.Xixi went to hospital with a broken jaw a month before she died in August last year and was killed when Matthews flew into a rage after wrongly suspecting her of getting a text message from another man and left her with catastrophic injuries.Meditation, or contemplative prayer, is a practice of spiritual formation used for the purpose of personal renewal and peace.New Age meditation, which is creeping its way into mainstream Christianity through the spiritual formation movement, focuses on the stilling and emptying of the mind.Biblical meditation is having our minds actively engaged on contemplating God's word.James 4:7 says to "submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you". The peace experienced in Christian meditation is not found by deep breathing or looking “within.” Rather, peace comes by looking to God, grasping the knowledge that He is all-powerful and has abundant life in store for us (See Isaiah -31 and John ).

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The duchy remained within imperial territory, the dukes being suzerains of the emperor/king of Germany.

However, Lorraine gradually lost status and territory, especially after the rise of the comtes de Bar to the west of the duchy.

The inscriptions consist of the names of people and gods plus a few other words and were inscribed during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.

Basque first appeared in writing in Latin religious texts, the , published by Bernard Detchepare in 1545.