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Whatever the reason we’ve decided to try and clarify things for you a bit. Sure things were a little fluid the days of the Patriarchs, but once Jacob and his 12 sons went down to Egypt for a few hundred years of bondage, and certainly after the Exodus, marrying exclusively Jewish was a requirement set in stone (literally).There are a lot of stereotypes and myths related to Jewish dating. Nothing much has changed in that department over the last 4,000 years.My Black peers have asked why they should be concerned with the killing of Jews in places around the world or anti-Semitic acts here in St. I answer that everyone should be concerned with the loss of any life.Everyone, regardless of race, creed, or color should be concerned with the loss of minority lives and not just when it is trending on social media sites.If you stroll through practically any Israeli city you’ll come across Jews that are black (usually Ethiopian), Asian, Indian, Arab and yes, Caucasian.

It’s pretty simple: if your mother is Jewish, you’re Jewish too. IF Mom = Catholic AND Dad = Jew THEN You = Non-Jew 3. In traditional Judaism the religion is defined by the mother, period. But wait, there’s another way to enter the tribe: Conversion. I find it interesting that no one has ever said, “It’s funny, you don’t look Black.” The fact of the matter is I am both Black and Jewish (or Jewish and Black). When people meet me, the most common comment I hear is that I am nothing like they imagined, which leaves me wondering: What exactly do people see when they see me? I am often surprised by the number of people that feel compelled to ask me if I am Jewish, as if it isn’t obvious from my .At synagogues and kosher restaurants, they engender blank stares.And dating can be awkward: their numbers are so small, friends will often share at least some romantic history with the same man or woman, and matchmakers always pair them with people with whom they have little in common beyond skin color. Funny, you don’t look Jewish.” These are the types of comments I often hear when interacting with new people.