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Teresa of Avila, Virgin, and Reformer of the Carmelite Order.

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You're trading your health, your sanity and your blood for a chance at true love.

Most, however, lose their sanity before they ever get close.

I have been known to have a public makeout (sometimes I try to find a dark corner, but when I am drunk- any dance floor will do) and then unceremoniously kick him to the curb. When its been a while since I have gotten any action, I will go out with a mission: "Find a boy to make out with!

When I tried to figure out why I do this- it led me to explore the difference between a guy you will hook up with right away and the guy you make wait for it. " I don't generally have any criteria beyond "not hideous" and "not too annoying" - but I don't expect much from him because I never plan on talking to him again.

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Our friendship was an innocent flirtation that developed into a string of drunken makeouts and text messages.

3rd date- may kiss more than once...depends on how he plays his cards. I actually try to keep from getting too drunk because I want to remember everything about him.

So men- if I come up to you with wild eyes and grabby hands, you are likely not important or special to me.

I don’t think Taeyeon looks old in the slightest but looking at pictures of Baekhyun he looks about 15 years old give or take a few years.

The Dispatch spy followed Taeyeon’s hard-to-miss car as it pulled over by the side of the road and the couple got in some hanging out time.