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The American Nurses Association is particularly outspoken against mandatory overtime as it is well-documented that excessive overtime hours inevitably lead to fatigue, poor focus and possibly nursing mistakes.All nurses are duly licensed by their respective states and are charged with the responsibility to care for their patients to the best of their abilities.DOCUMENT RISUME ED 07a 089 TM 002 452 AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION PUB DATE NOTE EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS Stivers^ Patricia E. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting^ 1973.

For healthcare institutions, these side effects ultimately have an impact on the quality of care and life experienced by patients.

Recently while reading through my professional organization’s public policy electronic resource, I noticed a collaborative political movement nationally through state legislation barring mandatory overtime.

As a seasoned perioperative RN, I personally know far too well the feeling of exhaustion from being on call, and the feeling of frustration from the inability as an employee to do anything about it, as call is mandatory overtime. Human factors in patient safety: review of topics and tools.

The friction between increased work hours and job performance at healthcare institutions doesn’t end there.

In the last decade, nurse overtime specifically has received more public attention because of reports associating overtime-induced nurse fatigue with increased medication errors and even nurse injuries. states have passed laws that prohibit employers from mandating overtime for nurses.