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Rob Duguay: After attending Syracuse University you moved to Los Angeles where your music career blossomed. As a person who grew up in the small town of Montville, New Jersey, what’s your opinion of L. Second, my oldest brother moved out there then my middle brother followed him and then I followed them. Wherever you go you’re always going to find some bad apples but it’s great that you moved out with your family so you’re in L. with your parents and siblings around you which must be pretty sweet. What made you want to work with him again over a decade later?My dad tried to orchestrate the whole thing, he encouraged my oldest brother to move out first knowing that we’d all follow each other and he also convinced my mom to retire out in L. We’ve always had a good time working together, I think he’s a great creative partner for what I do.He’ll be performing at Royale within Boston’s theater district this Sunday on March 20 in support of his sixth studio album had a chat with Yorn about being from New Jersey and living Los Angeles, working with producer R. People are people anywhere you go and it’s just an ideal that people like to put labels on things.Walt Vincent for the first time in over a decade, collaborating with the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Black Francis, and starting out during a time in the music industry when a lot of things were changing. has some negative connotations from people saying that the people over there are fake and disingenuous. Pete Yorn: First and foremost, when I was at Syracuse I froze my ass off and after four years I couldn’t wait to get to California for the sun and for warm weather. There are plenty of good people everywhere and there are plenty of douchebags everywhere and that’s the way I see it.Singer-Songwriter Pete Yorn has defended the record he made with Scarlett Johansson, describing the Hollywood superstar as “fantastic”.Yorn released a duet album with the actress in 2009 called Break Up, to mixed reviews.Um, I guess that last one isn't really Johansson's fault.

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When you do something a certain way for a bit you’re curious as an artist to try different ways of capturing your music and working with different people.Despite these positive qualities and an impressive career and catalogue, rarely is Yorn’s name mentioned when the masses converse on their favorite songwriter. I got one life to live and I like to be within reach of people that I’m very close with and I just like being near my family. It’s a fun town, a lot of my friends from Syracuse actually moved here around the time that I did as well and I can’t complain with the weather.It’s a bit weird, due to the fact that the songwriters you usually hear people praise can’t match the combination of talent and consistency Yorn has been exuding for over 15 years. I’m very family focused so that’s the biggest thing for me and L. There is that cliché that people are fake, it’s all Hollywood and all that shit, it’s the land of broken dreams and broken promises but there are some fake people back in Jersey, too.So, he changed his songwriting style, making it less “personal” and more elliptical: “I do these weird little subtle thoughts between thoughts, I kinda do these suggestions, which for me have a bigger meaning.” In 2001, Yorn delivered the wonderful and under-appreciated (at least over here) 2001 debut musicforthemorningafter that featured the terrific singles “Life on a Chain” and “Strange Condition” and “Just Another” which featured on the soundtrack for the Farrelly Brothers' Me, Myself & Irene.He has done quite a bit of film work and has benefited from his brothers forging successful careers in Hollywood; Kevin is an entertainment lawyer and Rick is a talent manager.Scarlett Johansson, the musician, has a way of getting herself into impossible situations.