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The former general counsel at Apple, Nancy Heinen, agreed to settle civil charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding her involvement in planning and issuing backdated stock options while at the company.

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And his feelings usually depend on how emotionally mature he is, how many options has, and how much experience he has in dealing with women.

There are two or three things that women do if they want to keep a man in orbit, and to engender feelings that create crushes and obsessions. But let’s stop for a moment and think about how his feelings for her develop.

Seriously, a few of these girls should teach classes.

So there are a few sneaky little tricks I see them doing again and again, tricks which have certainly gotten the best of me in the past, for which you just have to watch out the with beautiful ones…

Christian started an excellent discussion here and I couldn’t help but jump in on it.

The main thing I want to do here is give some guidance on how to react if you find yourself in a situation where a girl is using one of these “sneaky dating tricks” on you so that you don’t fall victim to it yourself.

He tells himself how they have so much in common, but he’s overlooked all of their differences.

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Now, the proliferation of cell phones and social networking sites like Facebook have made cheating easier than ever before.

The highly desirable girls who have lots of options tend to manage their male relationships as such: We look at this list, and maybe its a little unfair because clearly its a full social schedule, and most guys can’t have it. Keeping a man in orbit means keeping his hopes alive that something will develop between the two of them – maybe sex, maybe a relationship.

Their lives aren’t built for it and they lack either the resources or the skills to maintain it. In other words, it means managing a man’s feelings so that he will jump when she tells him to. To him, the feelings can be anywhere on the spectrum, from “mildly interested” to crush to obsession.

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