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I want to refresh the contents of a j Frame periodically after it is initially displayed by the user with a button click.The frame has a j Free Chart on it based on data read in from a file, and I want it to redraw the chart regularly showing any new data written to this input file.How might I be able to get the frame to update its display at some interval, while using any new data that may have been added to the input file?Dear All, I would like to change the content pane after pressing a button by the method : Content Pane(newc Content Pane); However, I find that it doesn't work.For more information related to setting the JFrame size, see the Javadoc for the Java Window class (which JFrame inherits from). I'm having a problem refreshing a JFrame when clearing the content Pane and then adding a new JPanel to it.And you'll want to tell the JFrame to re-layout its components (the validate() method I think will help with this) and to repaint itself: Myself, I'd use a Card Layout to easily swap components rather than trying to do it manually.

Copyright © 1993, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates. This Java Swing tip illustrates a method of dynamically updating the appearance of a component.The tip uses the revalidate() method to dynamically update the appearance of a component.Use wizards, editors and intelligent layout assist to automatically generate clean Java code, with the visual design and source always in sync.These instructions assume that you have already installed some flavor of Eclipse. Instructions and system requirements for installing Window Builder can be found here.The Frame appears to be "Frozen" after I pressed the button.