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Who does katniss end up dating

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Their personalities clash, their goals in life are different, and Katniss really isn’t interested in any kind of frivolous romance.Sure, in the first movie she is ambivalent about her feelings for Peeta, the kind-hearted boy with a sexy baby-faced look.(movie) have made reference to a “love triangle” between Katniss, friend Gale, and ally/competitor Peeta.And I get what they’re trying to do there: The top-grossing YA movies of late have involved at least some kind of three-sided romantic entanglement, whether it’s the Harry/Hermione/Ron romantic tension that kept ‘shippers rapt for a decade or the Edward/Bella/Jacob eye-rolliness that kept Twihards panting and the rest of us rooting for Tyler’s van back in Chapter 3.But psychology would have predicted their blossoming feelings for each other due to their experiences together in the In a classic social psychology study conducted in 1974, a female experimenter waited around next to two bridges. The other bridge was “shaky” and high – you know, like one of those bridges in Indiana Jones, where you’re constantly afraid that the wooden boards and ropes will break and you’ll fall to your death.Whenever a man would cross one of these bridges, the woman would pretend to be interested in their answers to a series of questions.There are no easy decisions in the dystopian future.

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In Catching Fire, she’s forced to choose between Team Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), her in-tournament BF, and Gale (Liam Hemsworth), her studly BFF from back home, who she’s visibly hankering for whenever they’re together.

Note: This post is bustin’ with SPOILERS for the book, although not so much for the movie (except to the extent that it’s, y’know, based on the book). It can be argued that two guys crushing on the same girl may constitute a love triangle. I think their affection isn’t a triangle until she returns at least some interest; as many people as are doubtless drooling over Bradley Cooper, ascribing to him a love duomegagon would be much.

If you don’t want the first book spoiled–or if you don’t want to see me get pissy about a YA novel–read elsewhere. The triangle falls apart when Katniss isn’t a participant in her lovefest.

If you appeal to the oppressive forces, you’ll wind up marrying a platonic friend and feel horrible every time the two of you kiss, which is all the time because you’re the world’s cutest couple.

Oh, and no matter what you choose, you have to fight in a country-wide deathmatch. This week sees the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, a sequel to the hit young adult fiction adaptation from 2012.