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First of all, I would like to remind you, especially our teachers and administrators that you had a few weeks to think about this decision, to invite me here. So ladies and gentlemen, please make sure your window shades are up, your tray tables are stowed and that your seatbelts are securely fastened. Of course, my warmest and most exuberant greetings are reserved for the graduating class of 2013 to 2014. Number 1 or number 5 rather, is Sports that’s very good taste in music by the way. And I will address a very promising young batch of men. Over on Twitter, I’m sure you guys are familiar with Twitter, I asked my followers what 13-14 year old boys are preoccupied with nowadays. I listen to a lot of music, I play some sports or at least I watch sports on TV And I also spend countless hours devouring nonsense on the internet. So in an effort to increase the odds, I will present to you today something that we all enjoy. ” Angeline Rodriguez Angeline Rodriguez is a geek and a self-proclaimed superhero. It is my honor, it is really, honestly, truly my honor to be your commencement speaker today for the first ever batch of Junior High school students from the Ateneo. (Power point presentation) And here is the top five, let me see if you agree with me. At number 2, Computers or Computer Games yes of course. It is a top ten list of things I have discovered in my journey so far. I will be extremely happy, if you can remember at least one or two of these items. The award giving body selects the high-ranking Philippine films of 2016 based on total average rankings at box office published results as basis for awarding the three major categories in the awarding ceremonies, The Phenomenal Box Office Star, The Box Office King and The Box Office Queen.Aired May 14, 2017 Janella Salvador showed everyone why she’s more than ripe enough to headline her own live concert.Meet the #UKGHotties: If you tuned in to UKG recently and thought Bernadette Sembrano looks a bit different the past few days, then you’re totally referring to a different person.She does look like Ate B, but Tina brings out a a totally different charm to the morning show.

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And after seeing these answers, I was filled with less nervousness. But aside from that, young as I am, I have a little bit more experience than you guys. It will never leave you even as you grow up, but at least I could be thankful for one thing. And by doing this, I believe that I will find success. Many years from now, when you are my age, a majority of you will not remember a thing that I say here today. Among its ilk are “Kwentaxi” by Mae Paner aka Juana Change, “‘Day, Hard! You never know: you might just meet your future travel buddy; fellow foodie; future business partner or contact; and, if you’re lucky, you might even meet that special someone. Online dating platforms are not the answer to your love problems. They can’t promise true love, but you can meet interesting people you wouldn’t necessarily be able to cross paths with in your everyday life. As I was about to find out, though, it was neither.