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They released the recording as the first episode of the appropriately titled podcast, and two days later, it had been downloaded over 10,000 times.

"I think as it keeps going, there'll be a lot of autobiographical stuff," Rollins says.

Rollins, hard up against the specter of turning 40, has discovered a new strategy for his Rollinsness: goofy self-effacement and autobiographical navel-gazing.

This damning video pretty much says it all: Looking back, it seems baffling that I would be attracted to such a misogynist, but at the time, but it also spoke to my own issues with women.

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But to many of us who count ourselves among his admirers, the autobiographical monologues he’s performed for more than 25 years are the Rollins project we most prize.

Those of us who allow the lines to go deeply into our faces, people like myself—-we don’t have those concerns.

Well, you’ve more or less invented your own profession.